Remote IT Support

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Immediate help when you need it, whether you’re working from home or out and about.

If you have internet and email connection we can send you a link so we can logon and get you back up and running quickly and easily.

If it’s internet access you’re having trouble with and can’t access your email, don’t worry, we can help troubleshoot the issue over the phone and get you underway.

We help with Android, apple, MAC, Laptop and CPU issues, so whatever tech you’re having trouble with, don’t worry, help is at hand, just call 0203 582 3001 or our head office number 01403 887022

We charge pay-as-you-go Remote IT Support half hourly to keep the costs down for you.


During the Coronavirus outbreak, which is good practice anytime, we also recommend:

  • Avoid using someone else’s mobile phone phone;
  • Perhaps use your knuckle when using touch screens, like at the supermarket self-checkout;
  • Avoid someone else using your computer mouse or keyboard;
  • Regularly use a damp soapy cloth to clean all of the above.


Don’t forget:

If you have gone to wash your hands regularly and not done the above, any viruses that were on your tech could be back on your hands straight away

You don’t need to be an existing customer to get Remote IT Support, as long as you’re authorised we can bill your company directly too.

We can also help with website support, building websites, Wi-Fi solutions to completely cover all areas of a building on one network, as well as business class managed Anti-Virus.  

We are also expert in:

Office Cabling

Complimentary site surveys and advice, Cat6, Cat 7 & Fibre.

On-time, clean & tidy.

Website Services

Hosting, maintenance and design. Also SEO and Lead Generation advice

Helping you grow your business

Network Security

Protection for your business, devices and data.

Everything secure.

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