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Cloud Solutions, right for your business?

You’re probably using more cloud services than you realise already!

Simply put, a cloud solution is just accessing data and applications over the internet. Many companies already have their CRM, Accounts package and even their Microsoft office systems already in the cloud. Sometimes it’s a few client server applications that hold up a total move to the cloud.

But, is it right for you?

Some key considerations could be how would service be delivered if your broadband was down and what if the server application you have relied on for many years isn’t available in the cloud.

There are solutions to get around this, save you money on on-premise equipment and still run without broadband..we’re happy to talk you through your options, investment costs, time it would take, savings and service continuity.

Cloud solutions can help businesses be more profitable by improving productivity,  whenever and whenever your staff need to work.

Headline case for moving to a cloud solution:

Working Flexibility

Working flexibility is ever increasingly on staff, HR and business leaders agenda. It’s also about employee engagement levels by meeting the needs of a diverse workforce, especially now we have five generations in the workplace!

The cloud does give organisations agility and flexibility. It should be that agility that helps organisations meet their customer service needs better than large corporates whilst also meeting employee demand for flexibility.

Agility & Competitiveness

Monthly application payments, just for the licenses you need can help both your bottom line and ensure your business is agile. We hugely support SME businesses and want to ensure they punch more than their weight by maximising their agility, when it comes to negotiating reports and services that can make all the difference, don’t forget big corporate ships can be clumsy and very slow to move.

Collaboration Tools

Office 365 is becoming more commonly used, we think it still needs more focus from senior management as a lot of collaborative features are not being maximised and some clients suffer from poor setup of Sharepoint (or not setup at all) so don’t forget the principle of personal files to OneDrive and team documents in SharePoint.

IT Engine can provide planning and migration of Office 365, as well as training to ensure your business maximised the benefits.

Automatic Updates

I’m afraid I remember sending out several 3 ½ inch disks for a DOS application update!

Now, like most of us, each day we get a red symbol on our iPhone to let us know there’s and update for our phone applications. Expect a cloud service for your business to be as easy and effective as this.

Global Access 24/7

With Wi-Fi work any time anywhere, and even without WiFi, many business applications will still run and update when you get back on-line.

Easy Version Control

Users, whether they be your staff or clients that have access to files and folders, can both work on documents simultaneously with easy to see version control. It should be revolutionary for your business and delivery of service to clients.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

And it should be automatic with the application and data being held in the cloud for you.

Any business should ensure they have a disaster recovery solution in place, looking to move your business to the cloud may be an succinct and cost effective way to win on all counts.

Capex Savings

The main comparison is often the server application initial cost, plus the server and ongoing license fee V’s a monthly software application fee, sometimes further costs for a bespoke phone app to be integrated and or implementation fee may need to be factored.

When doing this comparison don’t forget to consider the cost of a server that meets other application within the business, not just the server application in question. All too often we get called in to upgrade server disks and processing power that were considered based only on one suppliers specification!

Environmental Benefits

The Cloud reduces the need for on-premise servers by only using the server space needed in a well-managed farm. Case studies are saying energy reductions and reduced carbon footprints should be on your feel-good list when considering moving to the cloud.
Whatever your choice, on-premise or cloud, be assured of the best advice for you and your business. Our commitment is to a great quality of service and advice and proud to have helped so many ensure the optimum outcome for the current needs with the future in mind.

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