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Office Cabling Services

Our two super, and highly experienced, office cabling teams cover Sussex, Surrey and London.

We use Cat6 as standard, for longer and commercial installations we use Cat6A as standard.

Should you require Cat5e, Cat7, or fibre, that’s fine too!

There’s no charge for estimates and you can expect the best advice as well as service.

Whether you just need some more RJ45 points, a whole office move or network infrastructure running to a server room…we would be delighted to help!

We will walk you through the best options to meet your objectives and budget, as well as consider the future in our recommendations.

Also, if would like us to check what equipment is going to be connected once your office cabling has been installed, we would be delighted to do so; we have sometimes found planned networks containing speed bottlenecks like 100Mbps switches, that will just inhibit optimum speed…we’ll help you avoid these common pitfalls.

IT Engine has an outstanding reputation for the overall service of our office cabling, including; starting on-time, completing on-time, tidiness, finish quality and expertise.

With the ever changing landscape of technology it’s worth considering what will be best to future proof your ethernet data cabling, especially if you are installing ethernet cables in a new office or building.

You may have seen the new news that great advancements have been made with semi-conductors, soon superconductors will be the standard chip set in computers, potentially making computers 400 times faster.

Worth also considering the broadband and 5G speeds becoming more widely available, 1000Mbps being commonly available as fibre rolls out, as well as peoples expectations of internet speeds.

We use Cat6 as standard and Cat6A for larger commercial installations with longer runs. If you are having a new data cabling installation we would recommend Cat6A, Here are ethernet data cable speed capabilities:

Cat 5e up to 1 Gigabit per second on 100 MHz frequency
Cat 6 up to 1 Gigabit per second on 250 MHz frequency
Cat 6A up to 10 Gigabits per second on 500 MHz frequency
Cat 7 up to 10 Gigabits per second on 600 MHz frequency
Cat 8 up to 25 Gigabits per second on 1000 MHz frequency

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